About Mineral Sales

Hi there. I am a mineral collector living in Australia. From time to time, I end up with mineral specimens from my collection that are duplicates, I have upgraded, or are just excess to requirements.

I am selling such items here.

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How to Order:

There are two ways that you can order:

  • Comment SOLD against the listing (you need a Google account to do this)
  • Send me an email on 31pendleton at gmail dot com

In all cases, it will be on a first-come, first-served basis.


Shipping costs will be calculated and advised. The vast majority of purchases will likely fit into a small package. Australia Post advertises their fees here.

There is no additional shipping fee. I use recycled materials wherever possible.

Money back guarantee if items are not as described.

Combined shipping available. 
Insurance available as an at-cost option.
Currency Australian Dollars. Check out exchange rates here. Rate may differ through PayPal, explained here.


Micromounts / Microminerals

Mineral specimens that require magnification and illumination to appreciate, and are generally supplied in small plastic boxes of around 26x26x22mm. Micromount is a term given to such specimens that are permanently mounted in the box. The vast majority of mine are mounted on "tack" and can be removed and/or permanently mounted by the buyer.